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Steelhead Services, born in the heart of Texas in 2018, epitomizes the true Texan spirit of growth and determination. As a family-run business, we began our journey with a humble mulching skid steer and have since expanded to a robust fleet of top-tier land clearing and excavation machinery. Our reach extends across the expansive terrains of Texas and beyond, showcasing our commitment to excellence and meticulous workmanship in every project. At Steelhead Services, we’re more than just an excavating company; we’re a tight-knit family deeply rooted in Texan soil. Our services are as diverse as the Lone Star State itself, ranging from preparing sites for renewable energy projects like solar and wind farms to executing intricate land clearing tasks for residential and commercial purposes. Our growth stems from a steadfast dedication to not just meet, but exceed industry standards. We take pride in every piece of land we touch, building trust and forging lasting relationships. For us, it’s not just about moving earth—it’s about upholding the values of our Texas heritage in every job we undertake.

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Proudly offering specialized site preparation and development services throughout Texas and the surrounding states.
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Residential Land Clearing

Precision clearing for residential construction and development projects.
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Commercial Land Clearing

Expert land preparation for commercial infrastructure and projects.
Affordable Excavation Services in Texas

Excavation Services

Specializing in building pad development, grading, and other foundational excavation needs.

Texas Site Preparation Experts

Site Preparation

Comprehensive land services including clearing, excavation, demolition, and complete haul-off.

Water Truck REntals

Renting our 2000-gallon water trucks is easy and hassle-free, making them perfect for off-road projects.

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